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Florida homeschool parents have YOUR choice
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  • Evaluations for Every Age Child, “Grade level K-12”
  • “SPECIAL NEEDS” (ASD, etc.) Annual Educational Evaluations – very simple!
  • Evaluations in ALL Counties in Florida
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The Annual Educational Homeschool Evaluation required by Florida law can be stress free and simple for everyone in your family, especially for YOU! I will do my best to make sure of it!
My GOAL is to Help You to be in control of YOUR children’s Education to help YOU to do what is best for YOUR family!

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  • A TEST is not required by FL Home Education law. A test is only 1 of 5 options allowed for the Annual Homeschool Evaluation required by FL law. The choice is completely YOUR choice, by FL law.
  • Annual Educational Evaluations for ALL grade levels K – 12.
  • “SPECIAL NEEDS” (ASD, etc.) Annual Educational Evaluations at ALL levels of “The Spectrum” This is VERY simple ALSO!
  • Annual Educational Evaluations through emails (Cyber Evaluations) or through the U.S. Postal service.
  • Annual Evaluation in person at your preferred location, or via ZOOM, if you like. Your choice!

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My fee for the Annual Educational Homeschool Evaluation done by email (Cyber Evaluation) or U.S. Post, is only $37.

More Families are doing the Annual Educational Evaluation via Email now! (cyber evaluation)

Some evaluators are charging WAY TOO MUCH, even up to $80 and $100, for a simple portfolio review?

I do a lot of annual educational evaluations in Washington County. I am Charles “Curtis” Tucker. I have been a homeschooling parent since 1999, a Florida certified teacher since 1996, and I have been a homeschool evaluator and approved test administrator for Washington County since 2003. I am currently a Florida certified teacher with a Florida State Department of Education certificate which will again be renewed on June 30, 2027, as always. Scroll Down for more detailed information.

I do the Annual Educational Evaluation in Washington County, FL just as required by the FL state ss. 1002.41 (see below), through emails (Cyber Evaluations), or the U.S. Postal service, OR I will do the Annual Evaluation in person if you prefer – SIMPLE & QUICK annual homeschool evaluations. Charles C. Tucker 786-525-3545 cell

FL ss. 1002.41 Home education programs.—

(c) The parent shall provide for an annual educational evaluation in which is documented the student’s demonstration of educational progress at a level commensurate with her or his ability. The parent shall select the method of evaluation and shall file a copy of the evaluation annually with the district school superintendent’s office in the county in which the student resides. The annual educational evaluation shall consist of one of the following:

1. A teacher selected by the parent shall evaluate the student’s educational progress upon review of the portfolio and discussion with the student…

And then the statute goes on to give the other 4 choices for annual evaluations, describing types of tests administered by a FL certified teacher, like myself. I also administer standardized tests of many types, though a test is NOT required for the annual educational evaluation for a homeschool student, it is one of the choices.

The Annual Educational Evaluation done by email, U.S. Post, computer; email and Internet (Cyber Evaluation) is only $37.

The Annual Educational Evaluation done in person is $47 for the 1st student & $30 for each additional student at the same location on the same day.

Email me – CCTucker7@gmail.com – with any questions. It is my pleasure to help in every way possible.

C. Curtis Tucker: 3275 Sea Oats Circle Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951


Home School Legal Defense Association – CLICK >> https://hslda.org/

Here is some basic information to get started with homeschooling in Washington county:

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