One-on-One Homeschool Help

Do you need to talk with someone who has been through the same homeschooling situations? Someone who has been through every level of the academic activities with several children personally, and many students professionally? Someone who has done a lot of research on all aspects and stages of the awesome ways, means, and many of the options and methods of home education? Someone who can, and truly wants to help you make smart, informed decisions? We are very glad to be able to help you.

Photo of Curtis & Lupita Tucker
Curtis & Lupita Tucker

We have been homeschooling our 5 children since 1999, and have graduated our 3 eldest daughters (as of spring 2022), in Florida. We have also been doing Annual Homeschool Evaluations and Standardized Testing since 2006 in ALL of the Florida counties.

As a result, we have first-hand experience with the joys and challenges of homeschooling, as well as a wide variety of homeschool curricula, methods, practices, options, and pitfalls.

Furthermore, we are very happy to share with you our collective experiences, and all the information and resources we have accumulated throughout the years.

Our Main goal is to give you the help, information, and support that you want and need, to proceed with confidence, and be the informed and empowered parents, that can take control of YOUR children’s education.

Top Reasons to Book a Consultation With Us:

  • ~ Figuring out if homeschooling is a good option for your child
  • ~ Transitioning from public/private school to homeschool
  • ~ Making curriculum decisions
  • ~ Figuring out learning styles
  • ~ Help making a plan to homeschool your special needs child
  • ~ College/future planning and execution
  • ~ Help creating course descriptions for a college application package
  • ~ Homeschool Advocacy: dealing with county personnel & situations

At the end of our conversation we will email you with a complete follow up. It will contain links to resources and information relevant to your personal family situations and plans.

* We offer consulting via phone & Zoom in half hour increments: $30 per half hour *

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